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John R Williams JR Esquire – Business Law Scranton, PA

John R Williams JR Esquire – Small Business Lawyer Scranton, PA

Experienced Attorney for Business Law in Scranton, PA

Navigating the world of state regulation can be tricky, but you don’t have to go it alone. Our office is operated by an attorney that is knowledgeable and experienced in the field of business law in Scranton, PA. We provide a variety of services designed to help small businesses, from sole practitioners to startups with 1 to 10 employees, stay in compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements, incorporate their companies, and carry out even the most complex transactions.

Helping You Realize Your Dreams

Starting a business demonstrates your commitment to, and passion for, what you love to do. At the same time, organizing a business entity can be challenging. You must be mindful of current regulations, file the right paperwork, and a number of other legal responsibilities. 

Fortunately, you never have to forge ahead alone. Turn to our small business lawyer for assistance. Our team will work with you to help establish your business. In addition, we will assist you in the formation of contracts, business classification, and the establishment of ownership.

Protect Your Livelihood

The United States is built on the principles of fairness and respect. You put your time, energy, and passion into bringing your business to life. Allow us to help you provide a solid foundation for growth. Our business lawyers are thoroughly experienced in the field. As such, we can provide insight into your situation and ensure you make moves that benefit you and your partners.

Whether you are starting a new venture or are about to enter a partnership, you can count on us for support. Our team can represent you in the formation of contracts, the establishment of different organizational entities, and much more.

Contact us to request a consultation for our business compliance law services. We serve clients in Scranton, PA.