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Child Adoption Law – Scranton, PA

For many individuals throughout the country, adoption is a deeply personal topic with lifelong implications for all involved. That is why it is so crucial for this process to be protected and governed by a clear set of rules. In the United States, federal legislation sets the framework for American adoptions, and states are then responsible for complying with national regulations in order to receive funding. This system can make adoption confusing and overwhelming. Fortunately, John R. Williams, Esq. is here to provide the vital information you need about adoption in Scranton, PA.

Helping You Navigate the Process

Depend on Attorney Williams to guide you through the legal side of adoption. He is committed to explaining all the critical details, including:

  • Who may arrange an adoption?
  • Who qualifies to be an adoptive parent?
  • What are the home requirements?
  • Can the birth mother revoke her consent?

Count on John R. Williams, Esq. for the answers to these questions and so much more.

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We encourage you to contact us today for more details about the adoption law. Our experienced attorney is available to answer your questions and address your concerns. In addition to information about adoption, we can also be trusted to provide valuable details about child custody law, child support law, and more. We look forward to hearing you soon.

Child Adoption Law Scranton, PA